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WATCH: Clueless Klansman at Confederate flag rally confronted for wearing FUBU shoes



A man with a Ku Klux Klan tattoo and hat was caught wearing FUBU shoes — an iconic brand associated with hip hop — at a rally in support of the Confederate flag at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia.

“I just wanted to mention, I didn’t know if you were aware, I know you came here with the Ku Klux Klan or whatever,” George Chidi of Neon Flag began telling the man, only to be interrupted by the man explaining he came to the Saturday rally as a “southern American.”

“The only thing that I wanted to mention is that the shoes that you’re wearing,” Chidi, a former associated editor at Raw Story, continued in video he uploaded to social media.

“What’s the matter with the shoes I’m wearing?” the man interrupted again, saying his shoes sported colors of the KKK’s emblem. “They’re red and black and white.”

“The brand FUBU, it stands for ‘For us, by us,'” Chidi explained, noting the clothing company was founded by black entrepreneurs with the intent of empowering the black community.

But the man didn’t see the irony. “Them shoes that you probably wore was designed by a white man back in the 1920s,” he remarked. “But does that make you stop wearing them shoes because the white man designed them? I don’t care if a black man designed my shoes.”

The man told Chidi he didn’t hate him. He only hated “what your people are doing to this country.”

Watch video below:

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Fox News audience erupts in applause after Pete Buttigieg issues perfect 3-word response to Trump’s ‘grotesque’ Twitter attacks



South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a Democratic candidate for president, on Sunday received a rousing applause from the Fox News town hall audience when asked about Donald Trump’s Twitter attacks, saying simply, “I don’t care.”

Host Chris Wallace followed up on a question about the Democratic Party “possibly impeaching Trump” by asking Buttigieg how he would “deal with” the president — and his Twitter handle — in the general election.

“Let’s talk less about policies than dynamic of running again Donald Trump,” Wallace began. “As we see in 2016, he is a formidable and unconventional candidate, he is already making fun of your name, and your looks— comparing you to Alfred Newman. How would you deal with him … How would you handle insults and attacks and Tweets and that?”

“Tweets are — I don’t care,” Buttigieg replied as the audience roared.

“That gets a lot of applause,” Wallace observed.

“It is an effective way to command the attention of media,” Buttigieg continued. “We need to change the channel from the show he created. I get it, it is mesmerizing. It is hard to look away. It is the nature of grotesque things you can’t look away.”

Watch below:

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Trump says he’ll give Americans the ‘best healthcare ever’ — but only if Republicans win in 2020



President Donald Trump appears to be holding a healthcare plan hostage unless Americans vote for Republicans in 2020.

In a Fox News interview Sunday with Steve Hilton, Trump said he’s developing a plan that will be far better than the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare). But that bill will never become law in the next two years because he wants Republicans to be elected first.

He began by saying that the 80 million Americans who have health care through their employer are “happy” and Democrats want to take it away. As a fact-check, the “Medicare for All” plan would give free health care to people instead of their employer paying for their health insurance.

“What I want to do, Obamacare is a disaster,” Trump said. “I got rid of the individual mandate, which was the worst part of Obamacare. Frankly, except for the one gentleman who decided after campaigning for eight years to repeal and replace at 2:00 A.M., he walked out on the on the floor and went thumbs, we would have healthcare repealed and replaced, but I’m doing it a different way.”

As another fact-check, the bill Republicans put up was a repeal without a replacement. It’s unclear if McCain voted against it for that reason, but many Republicans suggest it was the major problem with the GOP proposal.

“We get rid of the individual mandate as part of the tax cuts and that’s most we are now coming up with a much better plan than Obamacare if we take the House back, keep the Senate, keep the presidency, they will have phenomenal healthcare at a fraction of the cost,” Trump pledged.

If Trump was interested in actually fixing health care, he could work with Democrats to develop a law that both parties could pass. Instead, he’s hoping to take back both chambers of Congress so he can pass the bill he wants without bipartisan agreement.

Watch the interview with Trump below:

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Trump tells Fox News he never believed ‘that intelligence’ from Obama officials — but his officials are saying the same



President Donald Trump appeared on Fox News Sunday evening after the town hall with Pete Buttigieg. In his interview with Steve Hilton, Trump claimed

Trump was asked about whether he’s actually drained the swamp, a campaign promise he made in 2016. He not only claimed that he did, but he said that somehow the Russian witch hunt helped him do it.

“If you have, I think, one of the things that’s been incredible has been this witchhunt that went on, and I think it’s going on right now, the draining of the swamp, people are running scared,” said Trump, presumably talking about FBI agents and officers he’s prosecuted. “These were bad people. We had tremendously bad people; the witch hunt was a hoax.”

Hilton then asked Trump if the story was true that he ordered a cyber-attack during the midterm election to prevent election meddling.

Trump refused to answer — sort of.

“I’d rather not say that, but you can believe that the whole thing happened and it happened during my administration because they don’t like me to it talk, intelligence, ‘please don’t talk intelligence.’ Sometimes intelligence is good, and sometimes you look at James Comey and [John] Brennan and [James] Klapper, and I’m supposed to believe that intelligence? I never believed that intelligence.”

Trump was parsing his words, telling Hilton that he “can believe that,” but never confirmed that the story was true. He then pivoted to say that he didn’t believe the intelligence reports under Comey, Clapper, and Brennan, but the intelligence hasn’t changed under the Trump administration, only the people delivering the intelligence has.

It’s unclear if Trump is admitting that he only believes intelligence reports if it is delivered by someone he likes.

Watch the comments below:

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