WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel mocks Donald Trump’s laughably vague campaign promises
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets fairgoers while campaigning at the Iowa State Fair on August 15, 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa. (Photo by Win Mcnamee for Agence France-Presse.)

If elected president, real estate tycoon Donald Trump has a plan. Don't worry about the finer points. It's a great plan.

So far, Trump has said he's going to somehow deport millions of undocumented immigrants and build a giant border wall and make Mexico pay for it, which Mexico has laughed off. Otherwise, he hasn't offered much in the way of policy, not even a concrete plan on how to actually accomplish those behemoth proposals.

Citing Trump's dearth of details on what he would do besides his campaign slogan promising to somehow "make America great again," late night host Jimmy Kimmel produced his own version of a Trump campaign ad.

The message? Sure there's a plan, and it's good. You'll just have to take Trump's word for it.

"Ordinarily people running for president tell us what they will do if they win," the Jimmy Kimmel Live host says. "But Donald Trump has, as you see here, a much broader approach."

The fake ad promises the plan will work because, well, "it is the best. Why? Because Donald Trump knows good people. Which people? The best people. People who aren't stupid, like other people."

Watch the hilarious fake Trump ad here: