WV mom demands school ban rainbow flags because 'not prejudiced' son can't wear Confederate gear
Rainbow "Peace" flag at Calhoun Middle/High School (screen grab/WSAV)

A West Virginia mother this week called for her local high school to take down a rainbow "peace" flag because her son had been banned from wearing Confederate symbols after a white supremacist recently massacred members of a black church in Charleston, S.C.

April Stanley told WSAV that her son wore a Confederate flag symbol to Calhoun Middle/High School on Tuesday and was told to turn his shirt inside out. And then he protested on Wednesday by wearing another Confederate flag shirt, and he was told that he would be suspended if he did it again.

"To him, it represents his history," Stanley insisted. "He's not prejudiced at all."

"It's not about slavery, and he's trying to get that point across," she added.

According to Stanley, school officials were hypocrites for banning the Confederate flag while allowing a student Gay/Straight Alliance club to display a rainbow poster with a peace sign on it.

"There's also kids that are offended by the gay symbols and the gay flag," Stanley opined.

Administrative Assistant David Tackett pointed out to WSAV that the school had a ban on Confederate flag clothing since it opened two decades ago.

"There have been some racial tensions occasionally with minority students at Calhoun Middle/High School," Tacked remarked. "And that was one of the justifications to continue having the ban on Confederate flag emblems."

Tackett argued that it was not fair to compare the Confederate flag to the rainbow flag.

"There have not been any disruptions or any altercations of that [rainbow] poster," he observed. "However, there have been cases of racial tension."

Stanley said that she planned to file an official appeal for a rule change with the district.

Watch the video below from WSAV, broadcast Aug. 20, 2015.