Bernie Sanders smacks down O’Reilly Factor ‘ambush’ reporter Jesse Watters
Sen. Bernie Sanders (Screenshot)

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) brushed off Fox News' Jesse Watters attempts to interview him in a segment aired on Monday.

"I don't do ambush interviews," Sanders told Watters. "So if you want to talk to us, there's my press secretary."

"Well, I do do ambush interviews," Watters replied. "I just had a question for you."

As they continued walking down a hallway, Watters' microphone apparently brushed up against the senator, prompting him to tell Watters, "Don't push me. I didn't get rough, you pushed me."

Watters continued to keep pace with Sanders, following up on O'Reilly's accusation that Sanders had been "dodging" the show since he began campaigning for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

"We feel like you used to be a friend of the show," he said. "You're not so big-time now that you're gonna forget about your friends, right?"

The senator continued ignoring Watters until he walked into an elevator. Later, Watters claimed that Sanders smiled when he asked if he planned to seize O'Reilly's house. After the footage aired, Bill O'Reilly and Watters laughed over the encounter.

"Do you think he's gonna come on the show now?" Watters asked.

"I don't care," the host replied. "But you know why he's not coming on? Because he knows that some of his base doesn't like us, so now he's being a politician."

Watch the encounter, as posted online on Monday, below.