Glenn Beck: 'Big Business' sent Donald Trump on a mission to discredit the Tea Party
Conservative radio host Glenn Beck (Screenshot)

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck continued his campaign of skepticism against Donald Trump on Friday, suggesting that the real estate mogul's candidacy was really planned by business interests as a way to sabotage the Tea Party.

"The Tea Party is eating their own. If I'm a guy who is a Republican establishment guy or I'm a liberal, I want to destroy the Tea Party," Beck said. "But if I'm a businessman, I want to destroy it as well. The reason why the GOP isn't suffering with their goals on campaign funds is because big business just wants business to go on. They know how to play the game."

According to Right Wing Watch, the Blaze founder's argument is that, because Trump has failed to generate much support among his viewers, then he cannot be mentioned as a favorite among Tea Party voters.

"He is currently being imaged by the left and the right as a Tea Party candidate," Beck complained. "If it turns out that he is the Tea Party candidate, then I don't want anything to do with the Tea Party, and they don't want, really, anything to do with me."

However, CNN reported last week that the former reality show star is also leading the GOP pack among Tea Party voters, having amassed the support of 41 percent of them.

One reason Trump cannot be a Tea Party candidate, Beck argued, was that he could not "play the game" with a Libertarian or a supporter of small government, because Trump would not be able to buy or bully them.

""It makes sense that he doesn't want the Tea Party," he said. "So what's as good as getting the presidency of the United States? Discrediting and destroying a movement that stands for true principles. Small government and maximum freedom, stand for those who want to disrupt the system that makes everybody rich."

Watch Beck's commentary, as posted online on Friday, below.