Jesse Ventura hammers Mike Huckabee: 'I think that he wants us to become the Middle East'
'Off The Grid' host Jesse Ventura [Ora.TV]

Ora.TV host Jesse Ventura laid into Mike Huckabee for continuing to defend Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis in her attempts to avoid having to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

"I think that he wants us to become the Middle East," Ventura said. "Mike Huckabee's a Christian who's dying to be a Muslim, I guess. That's what they do over there -- they put God's law in front of government's law."

Huckabee has accused the Supreme Court of overstepping its authority by rejecting Davis' argument that issuing the licenses would violate her conscious as a Christian. Davis was rebuffed yet again on Wednesday by a federal judge.

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Ventura's producer, Alex Davis, pointed out that Davis had tried to work around the high court's ruling by removing her name from a new set of licenses -- a move that might invalidate them under state law.

That prompted the former Minnesota governor to accuse both Davis and Huckabee of advocating for discrimination, in direct opposition to constitutional principles.

"Mike, read Ben Franklin. Read Tom Jefferson. Read what those people had to say about your organized religion. They were fearful of it," Ventura said. "That's why they made it where no religion prevails in this country and there's a separation called church and state. [Davis] works for the state. If she can't do her job -- in the words of Dabney Coleman in 9 To 5 -- fire her ass."

Watch Ventura's commentary, as aired on Ora.TV, below.