John Oliver mocks Queen Elizabeth II's hats: 'A penis that's literally died of embarrassment'

Last Week tonight host John Oliver paid sarcastic tribute to Britain's Queen Elizabeth II on Sunday for becoming her nation's longest-serving monarch after more than six decades on the throne.

"Essentially what I'm saying is: Congratulations your majesty," he said. "You have spent 63 years doing a job that could have effectively been done as well by a styrofoam mold of a human head."

Oliver then showed a montage of the queen's collection of hats, accompanied by some withering voice-over descriptions like, "A baby smurf's uncircumsized penis," "what mold thinks about when it masturbates," and "a penis that's literally died of embarrassment," among others.

The host also took a jab at CBS News correspondent Mark Phillips for comparing the queen to a train, saying the 89-year-old monarch "just keeps chugging along."

"For one thing, people need trains," Oliver said. "Trains still serve a practical purpose in the modern era. You’re being mean to trains."

Watch Oliver's commentary, as posted online, below.