Kim Davis inspires NC mayoral candidate to jail gays: ‘What’s wrong with eradicating homosexuals?’
Kim Davis (ABC News)

A mayoral candidate in a small Charlotte suburb wants to "eradicate" homosexuality and throw LGBT people in jail, the Kings Mountain Herald reports.

Eugene Holmes, who is running for mayor of Kings Mountain, says he doesn't want to be mayor, but he's running because of his anti-gay views. He views Kentucky clerk Kim Davis as something of a role model.

"In my administration I would do just like Mrs. Davis did in Kentucky," Holmes said. "If you elect me, I’ll uphold the law of the state of North Carolina. I would get the D.A. to swear out a warrant on any man who says he’s gay. Sodomy is a crime, a felony in the state of North Carolina."

Holmes said he's a member of the Church of God and also the Promise Keepers, a men's religious organization.

"What’s wrong with eradicating homosexuals? We should jail them, throw them all in jail!" Holmes told the Herald.

Holmes has been jailed plenty himself. He was arrested in March for disorderly conduct and trespassing after he went to the Family Worship Center church in Kings Mountain and shouted derogatory and inflammatory things about the LGBT community, then refused to leave when asked, reports the Shelby Star.

Holmes wrote his own version of the incident up and gave it to the Star, which they printed:

(I) went to the Church of God (Family Worship Center) in Kings Mountain to request the Pastor Woodward let me talk to the men Sunday school class, for the promise keepers is a man thing,” Holmes writes in the letter. “I talked to Miss Woodward and hand her my business card and asked to speak to Brother Woodward. She started hollering ‘You are not going to talk to anyone here and to get out of the building,’ so I went outside. At that time the pastor and about 15 people was outside hullowing that they were queer and I ask the brother Woodward what about same-sex marriage indicated that there was nothing wrong with two men and two women defiling the holy matrimony of marriage.

The letter indicates he tried to make a citizen's arrest at the church.

Holmes apparently doesn't have any other plans for what he'd do as mayor, other than targeting the LGBT community. As of the Herald's interview last week, he wasn't worried about the economy because he believed "Wall Street is going to blow up" anyway. He expected the destruction to come as part of a "blood moon" omen on Sunday.

Holmes also wants to ban alcohol, divorce and all immigration to the U.S., the Herald reports.

He has apparently spent time in prison for felony theft and larceny convictions aside from his March arrest, the Herald reports.

Holmes was placed in a psychiatric ward for treatment after a judge found he needed evaluation following charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. He says he was diagnosed as suffering from "religious hallucinations."

This isn't Holmes' first foray into politics. He's tried to run for the North Carolina House last year, but was rejected because of his felony convictions.

In his spare time, Holmes likes to pray and convert strangers, the Herald reports. If he's elected, it sounds like he'll still have plenty of time for that, according to his own assessment.

"The mayor doesn’t do much, in my eyes,” he told the Herald. “He just collects a paycheck. But (incumbent mayor Rick Murphrey) hasn’t had any competition in the other elections and I wanted to see what I could do. If I’m elected, it will be we the people who run the show.”