Road rage video: In just 6 seconds, man yells N-word twice, threatens 'punch the f*ck' out of woman
Racist driver caught on video (WZTV)

A Nashville woman said that a man yelled racial slurs and threatened to beat her for talking on the phone.

Monica Johnson told WZTV that she was sitting in her car at a red light and talking on the phone to her daughter last Friday when she noticed a man in the truck next to her was yelling.

She rolled down the window and caught just a few moments of the man's racist rant on video. In only six seconds, the driver managed to threaten her once and yell the N-word twice.

“Put it down n****r! Put it down n****r! If you let me catch you bitch, I'll punch the f*ck out of you,” he shouts on the video.

“It wasn’t because of me," Johnson explained. "It's because of what I represent and I represent black people but I hadn't done anything personal to him."

“He made the threat he would punch me in my face,” she added. “That’s huge.”

Johnson shared the video on Facebook, and was encouraged to report the encounter to law enforcement.

“I want his employers to see it, his friends to see it, his church, his family," she insisted. "I want them to see how he behaves towards people of color. I'm not the only black person here in Nashville. If he would say to me, he would say it to someone else."

Watch the video below from WZTV, broadcast Sept. 14, 2015.