WATCH: Jimmy Fallon tries to out-Trump Trump: 'The only one qualified to interview me is me'
Jimmy Fallon 'interviews' Donald Trump during 'The Tonight Show' on Sept. 11, 2015. [YouTube]

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon stepped into Donald Trump's shoes -- and hair -- as he played the real estate mogul's mirror image during a sketch before their regular interview on Friday.

"Wow, I look fantastic," Fallon tells his "reflection."

"No, we look fantastic," Trump confirms, adding, "And I mean, really fantastic."

Fallon took several swipes at himself during the "interview," calling himself a lightweight who didn't deserve to interview Trump.

"The only one qualified to interview me is me," "Trump" told himself.

At the same time, Fallon did sort of press his guest when the former reality show star said he was "just gonna do it" when asked how he would create jobs in the US.

"But how?" Fallon-as-Trump asked.

"By doing it," Trump insisted. "It just happens. Just by doing it."

"Genius," Fallon raved.

Watch the encounter, as posted online on Friday, below.