White supremacists threaten to assassinate ‘anti-white’ Pope Francis during US visit
Pope Francis officiates a holy mass at the square of Christ the Redeemer in Santa Cruz, Bolivia on July 9, 2015 (AFP)

White supremacists have been calling for the assassination of Pope Francis over his calls on Europeans to house refugees fleeing Syria, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, an organization that monitors extremist organizations.

SITE reported Monday that the comments were posted to the infamous white supremacist blog Stormfront in response to a Washington Post article reporting the pontiff's call for European Catholics to shelter asylum seekers who are streaming across Europe, mainly from Syria.

"This mofo needs a third eye, right in the middle of where his two existing eyes are," wrote someone using the handle "Freedom lover."

Another, using the handle "Peace through Stormfront," wrote, "White people need to be protected from the genocidal anti-white Pope and the genocidal anti-white religion he pushes."

The Post article was published on another white supremacist forum, Vanguard News Network, with user "John Adams" responding, "The pope deserves to be executed for crimes against the White race."

According to SITE, members of these forums have been deadly in the past. Users have included Wade Michael Page, who killed six people in a Sikh temple shooting in 2012, Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 and injured 241 in 2011 in Norway, and Frazier Glenn Miller, who killed three at a Jewish community center in Kansas.

Both sites are frequented by Craig Cobb, a notorious white supremacist, who according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, is best known for trying to transform the town of Leith, North Dakota into an Aryan stronghold.