Franklin Graham: Obama supports same-sex marriage and abortion because he's 'guided by' Islam
Franklin Graham speaks to Newsmax (screen grab)

Rev. Franklin Graham this week suggested that President Barack Obama was to blame for the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East because his policies were "against Christ."

Newsmax host Steve Malzberg argued during an interview with Graham that the president "claims to be a devout Christian who can't bring himself to feel anything" about the death of Christians in the Middle East.

"The president, when he was growing up, his influences were Islam," Graham opined. "His paternal father is Muslim, his step father was a Muslim, he went to Muslim schools. So, his formative years were all guided by influences of Islam."

"And so, his Christian position, I don't know," the pastor continued. "All I know is that the policies that he has stood behind as president have been against Christ and against his teaching. Abortion is a sin, and if you look at same-sex marriage, this is a sin against God."

"And the president has stood defiantly against God. And against his teaching. And the teachings of the scriptures."

Both same-sex marriage and abortion are considered wrong under Islamic teachings.

Watch the video below from Newsmax, broadcast Oct. 6, 2015.