Televangelist: Satanic temples are hidden in Planned Parenthood clinics as 'legal cover' for child sacrifice
Jim Bakker (The Jim Bakker Show)

Pastor Jim Bakker and the guests on his show asserted this week that Satanic worship services were taking place in some Planned Parenthood clinics, which were being used a legal cover for the ritual sacrifice of children.

On Thursday's episode of the Jim Bakker Show, co-host Zach Drew observed that "the most dangerous place for a human to be in America today [is] inside the mother's womb."

According to co-host Lori Bakker, one in five "babies" -- and one in two African-American "babies" -- were aborted in the United States. And she argued that Planned Parenthood had purposefully placed clinics in the black community because the organization's founder, Margaret Sanger, was a racist who believed that blacks should die.

Although the Sanger myth has been debunked numerous times, guest pastor Rick Wiles and Jim Bakker both agreed.

"And we think, what's going on the black community, that black lives matter -- and they do! My God, they do!" Jim Bakker exclaimed. "Every life matters. Black lives matter in the womb. Let's find out where the real enemies are!"

"The real reason Planned Parenthood has abortions in the black community is because the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a racist," Wiles opined. "She's the founding mother of eugenics. And she taught that blacks should be eliminated."

"Planned Parenthood means kill the babies so that's the plan," Jim Bakker replied.

"They're natal Nazis," Wiles added.

"It's a pile of babies almost 70 million babies tall, mountains and mountains and mountains of babies," Jim Bakker said. "This is why God's judgement is coming."

The pastor noted that creationism had to be true because "there are no accidental babies."

"You are sitting here talking about this and I think you have -- your eyes are there," Jim Bakker said, pointing at Wiles. "They're not below your mouth. Your mouth didn't somehow land up [on your forehead]. If this was all accidental, you know, you'd have an ear there."

Wiles said that a former Satanist told him that he "performed 164 Satanic rituals inside of abortion clinics."

"Absolutely!" Lori Bakker chimed in. "I can't prove it because I wasn't there... I will tell you, especially on Halloween, that many many many many Satanic rituals -- abortion rituals -- are performed. It's the truth."

"I've had women sit as close as Jim is to me, as you are to me, crying, screaming from their innermost being because they were in those Satanic rituals where their babies were aborted," she insisted.

Wiles claimed that his former Satanist friend said that "sacrificing a human life is the greatest thing that they can do for Lucifer."

"Because murder is illegal, they have to find a way to have a sacrifice that are human," Wiles continued. "And so because America has abortion, therefore, their doing these human sacrifices in an abortion clinic because it gives them a legal covering."

"The anti-christ spirit is loose," Jim Bakker declared. "You know, I believe the first horse of the apocalypse is the Satanic -- the white horse, this apocalyptic being is the spirit of anti-christ. And it is riding, this spirit is here."

"Satan has always wanted to be God. And he can't create so he wants to kill God's creations."

Watch the video below from the Jim Bakker Show, broadcast Oct. 8, 2015.