Toddler forced to smoke and drink alcohol in disturbing video posted online
Footage from video showing a baby being given alcohol and a cigarette at an unidentified cafe. [YouTube]

Authorities are looking for the man caught on video making a toddler smoke a cigarette and drink alcohol, the Daily Mirror reported.

The 35-second clip shows the unidentified man, who has been described as Romanian based on the language he uses in the video, putting the cigarette in the boy's mouth, while not moving to stop him when the boy grabs a glass of what appears to be beer from a cafe table. The footage was reportedly shot in Spain.

When the toddler puts the drink down, the man puts the cigarette back in his mouth. At one point, the phrase, "That's what being a real man is all about," though it is not clear whether it was uttered by the man holding the child, or the person filming the incident.

The video was originally posted on Facebook by a user identified as Doina Dicu, who wrote, "This man has to lose his parental rights. Childcare officials should do something. It has since spread online.

Watch the footage, as posted online, below.