Utah man refuses to take down 'lynching' Halloween display despite complaint by NAACP
Image: Animated 'lynching' display in Roy, Utah (Screen capture)

A Roy, Utah man said that he will not take down an animated "lynching" display from the Halloween decorations in front of his house.

According to KMOV.com, Kevin Van Miltenberg said that the 7-foot-tall depiction of a man being hanged from a tree may be offensive to some people, but it's his right to display whatever he sees fit on his own property.

The local NAACP claims that the depiction is offensive and makes light of this country's dark history of lynchings of people of color.

The display shows a hooded figure dangling from a noose with its hands tied behind its back. Motors within the decorations make the figure appear to be writhing and thrashing.

Van Miltenberg said that he isn't breaking any laws and will not remove the tasteless tableau until the day after Halloween.

"When I was making it in the first place, it never crossed my mind at all, 'Hey, one day someone might take offense to it,'” he told reporters. “Because I don't make these to be offensive at all. I just make them for fun and for people to enjoy."

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