11-year-old girl shames 'One Million Moms' for attack on her gay dads: 'This is none of your business'
Amaya Sheer speaks to WTTG (screen grab)

A Maryland family with two gay dads and four adopted black children is firing back after the conservative group One Million Moms condemned the "sinful nature" of the fathers.

As WRC-TV first reported, One Million Moms called for a boycott of "American Girl" magazine after it included husbands Rob and Reece Scheer in a story about the children that they adopted from foster care.

"Scripture says multiple times that homosexuality is wrong, and God will not tolerate this sinful nature," the group wrote. "American Girl doesn’t highlight other sins in their magazine."

Rob Scheer told WTTG on Monday that as a gay man with four adopted African-American children he expected a certain amount of criticism. But he was shocked because the attack came from a group of "moms".

"These were moms! These were moms that were saying that my family was wrong, that the love that my husband and I are giving our four kids and what we're doing was wrong," Rob recalled. "I would expect moms not to say these type of things about our family."

"But at the same time, these are a 'million moms,' they could really be helping the 364,000 kids in foster care," he pointed out. "This is our family and it works for us. And you know what? We have four amazing kids that we adopted out of foster care. These are four kids that have fulfilled our life more than we ever thought."

"So to the Million Moms, I say to them, 'You know what? Go to your local foster care agency, those kids could really use your help and not worry about the Sheer family.'"

Amaya Sheer, 11, also had a message for One Million Moms: "This is none of your business."

Watch the video below from WTTG, broadcast Nov. 9, 2015.