French father and son have heartbreaking conversation after Paris attacks: 'There's bad guys everywhere'
Image: French boy speaks to Le Petit Journal reporter (Screen capture)

In an interview with a reporter from Le Petit Journal, a French father and son had a moving and profound conversation about the attacks in Paris last Friday night.

"Do you understand what happened?" the reporter asked the boy, who appears to be about 3 years old. "Do you understand why those people did that?"

"Yes," the boy replied, "because they're really, really mean. Bad guys are not very nice."

We have to be careful and we have to move away, the boy said, looking sad.

"Oh, don't worry," the father said. "We don't have to move out. France is our home."

"But there's bad guys, daddy," the boy replied.

"Yes, but there's bad guys everywhere," his father said.

"They have guns. They can shoot us because they're really mean, daddy," said the boy.

"It's okay. They have guns, but we have flowers," said the father, indicating the thousands of flowers laid on the Paris streets in memory of the victims of Friday's attack.

When the boy protested that flowers don't do anything, his father said, "Of course they do, look, everyone is placing flowers. It's to fight against guns."

"It's to protect us?" the boy asked. "And the candles to?"

"It's to remember the people who are gone, yesterday," the father said.

"The candles and the flowers are here to protect us," the boy said.

The reporter asked him if he felt better now.

"Yes," he said. "I do feel better."

Watch the video, embedded below: