A Muslim employee -- who gave his name only as Safer -- at one of the cafés targeted in the horrific attacks in Paris reportedly saved the lives of two injured women by running into the hail of bullets to drag them to safety.

According to the BBC, Safer was behind the bar at Café Nostra when shots rang out.

“I was at the counter. We heard explosions -- really loud bangs," Safer told BBC reporters. "Everyone started screaming, glass rained down on us. It was awful. There was glass all over the place, hitting us in our faces."

He noticed two injured women outside.

“I saw two women out on the terrace had been hit. One in the wrist and in the other in the shoulder. They were bleeding really badly," he said.

At a break in the shooting, Safer -- who is of Algerian origin -- ran outside and helped the two women to safety.

“I picked them up and rushed them downstairs to the basement. I sat with them and tried to stop the bleeding,” he said.

“As we were downstairs, we could hear the gunfire continuing above. It was terrifying," he recalled.

Safer's view, he said, is that the attacks have "nothing to do with religion.”

“Real Muslims are not made for killing people,” he said. “These are criminals.”