Sarah Palin pushes her daughter's conspiracy theory: Starbucks cups a leftist plot to make us look ridiculous
Sarah Palin (Fox News)

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin told her fans that leftist "grinches" were to blame for a fledgling boycott of Starbucks over the company's holiday coffee cups.

In a Facebook post promoting her daughter's blog, Palin she was "passionate" about protecting Christmas.

"Funny, though, how some grinches on the Left take things too far in attempts to make all us jolly revelers look ridiculous, lumping us in the same box concerning misplaced outrage over a coffee cup's non-controversy," she continued.

The furor over Starbucks' red holiday cups was started by self-described “disciple of Jesus” Joshua Feuerstein, who claimed in a video that the lack of Christmas icons on the cups were proof the company was anti-Christian. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump responded to the controversy by calling for a boycott of the coffee company.

But Palin's daughter, Bristol, said Tuesday that the controversy over the cups was “an attempt by the LEFT to make Christians look stupid.”