BBC reporter's sobering advice to America: 'Break' the NRA or your mass shootings will never stop
BBC presenter Aaron Heslehurst (screen grab)

BBC host Aaron Heslehurst advised Americans this week that they would have to "break" or "dismantle" the National Rifle Association (NRA) if they wanted the mass shootings in the United States to stop.

On Wednesday's Morning Business Report, BBC presenter Adnan Nawaz pointed out that journalists still did not have all of the details about the shooting in San Bernardino.

"There have been more mass shootings in the United States this year than there have been days this year," Nawaz noted. "We're at about 330-odd days with 350+ mass shootings. And it's becoming far too common as far as almost any sensible person including President Obama is concerned."

Columnist Maike Currie agreed that the figures were "staggering."

"Obama has said this is not normal, this shouldn't be considered as normal," she explained. "And Hillary Clinton has said the same thing. And on her presidential campaign, gun control is actually one of the key things she's looking at."

Nawaz observed that Clinton was unlikely to put in place new gun safety measures because Congress would block her.

"The thing that everyone points to is the Second Amendment," Currie said. "But the Second Amendment was set up in 1789. That was a different world then and something needs to be done about this."

Heslehurst revealed his own "staggering" statistics: "In the last 43 years, more Americans have been shot by another American -- shot and killed by another American -- than all of America's soldiers killed in wars in the last 240 years."

"And you go where's the priority?" he asked. "You talk about Congress -- NRA, right? If Clinton really wants to get serious, that's what you have to try to break, dismantle."

Watch the video below from BBC News 24, broadcast Dec. 3, 2015.