Conservative man shoots newspaper to express anger with contrary opinion --- and Twitter mocks the hell out of him
Erick Erickson wrote some things on a piece of paper once

Erick Erickson -- our national repository of all things "Erick" --- took to Twitter on Saturday to do one of those symbolic gesture things he has been know to do in order to illustrate that he has an interior life full of whimsy and depth that cannot be conveyed with the written word, guttural grunts or poop smears on the bathroom wall.

What has offended the conservative gadfly -- whose opinion is valuable to "serious" people who disregard the fact that he once called retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter a "goat fucking child molester"--  this time?

Oh, just the New York Times placing an editorial on the front page suggesting that weekly shooting bloodbaths are beyond passé and are becoming downright tedious -- what with all the death and blood cleaning-up and sadness.

So, the normally verbose Erickson performed the conservative version of interpretative dance and shot the shit out of the newspaper because, while everyone is a critic, shooting guns is as cool and manly as manliness and coolness gets. Besides owning a bitchin' Camaro.

Here is Erick "editorializing" about the New York Times attempt to steal away the only thing that keeps him alive:

You can almost smell the burnt gunpowder, the testosterone and sweet smell of a baloney and ranch dressing sandwiches in those few terse words. Okay, people who like to mock Erick Erickson (by which I mean "most of America") it's a free country -- thanks Obama! -- so mock away:

...and so it came to pass.