Donald Trump abruptly cancels Katie Couric interview amid backlash over anti-Muslim ban
Donald Trump (MSNBC)

Republican 2016 frontrunner and real estate mogul Donald Trump abruptly canceled a Tuesday interview with Katie Couric on Monday night amid the mushrooming backlash against his recent anti-Muslim comments.

According to CNN Money, Yahoo News Video public relations director April Andrews said, "He just abruptly canceled last night. They said it was a scheduling issue, but we're not sure their rationale or reasoning."

The Trump campaign told CNN that the interview "was postponed due to an unexpected scheduling conflict."

Currently, neither party has offered a date to reschedule the appearance.

Since making inflammatory comments about denying Muslims entry into the U.S. on Monday, the Trump campaign has been rocked with high profile denunciations from other Republican candidates and critics around the world.

In a disastrous appearance on Tuesday morning, Trump attempted to talk over Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, only to be cut off when he refused to answer questions or stop talking long enough for anyone else to speak.

A similarly combative interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo featured Trump telling the host, "We are at war with radical Islam. We are at war with them. Chris, put that through your head."

"They want the jihad. It's very simple," the former reality TV star insisted. "They want the jihad."