Judge scuttles George Zimmerman’s fantasy of buying Darren Wilson a new home by tossing suit against NBC

A defamation lawsuit by George Zimmerman against a television news station has been thrown out by an appeals court this week, ClickOrlando reports.

Zimmerman had sued NBC, claiming the network had edited audio from the 911 call he made while following unarmed African-American teenager Trayvon Martin, making it seem that Zimmerman was suspicious of the youngster because of his skin color. Zimmerman's shooting of Martin and subsequent exoneration launched a contemporary racial justice movement.

Zimmerman had complained the station edited out a question from the emergency dispatcher asking what Martin's race was.

"There are no genuine issues of material fact upon which a reasonable jury could find that the Defendants acted with actual malice," Judge Debra S. Nelson ruled last year, noting Zimmerman is a public figure. The appeals court didn't issue a written explanation of its ruling this week.

The former neighborhood watchman who became an infamous symbol of racial injustice when he killed the 17-year-old Martin in 2012 seemed to think he was about to catch a windfall from the lawsuit. His recent Twitter feed shows him fantasizing about how he will spend the money.

Zimmerman tweeted he wants to buy former Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson a new home and car.

Wilson last year shot and killed unarmed black teenager Mike Brown and was cleared of wrongdoing, again sparking civil rights protests in what would become the Black Lives Matter movement.

Zimmerman also daydreams about starting a foundation, giving a large sum to Wilson, paying back supporters who footed the bills for his legal expenses and buying himself a new assault weapon.

As of Thursday, Zimmerman seems to have gotten the news that his suit was unsuccessful.