Kansas church hired known sex offender who then molested disabled churchgoer: police
Rodney Sexton (KCTV/screen grab)

A church treasurer in Overland Park, Kansas has been accused of sexual abuse -- and it's not the first time.

KCTV reported that Rodney Sexton was accused of molesting a 31-year-old disabled churchgoer "who is deaf and functions like an 8 year old." Sexton is also deaf.

It was not immediately clear if officials at Deaf Liberty Baptist Church in Overland Park knew that Sexton faced six sex-related charges in the 1980s while working at a school for the deaf.

He was convicted on two counts of sodomy and aggravated indecent liberties with a child in that case. Although he served time in Kansas prison, he was not placed on the sex offender registry because the crime occurred before 1994.

The mother of the current victim told KCTV that her son trusted Sexton. And she said that the church treasurer pressured her to conceal the abuse.

"This shouldn't happen to anybody sitting in a church or at school. This needs to be stopped," she explained. "My boy deserves to be protected."

Watch the video from KCTV below.