Kentucky shelter tosses out all women days before holidays because they tempt men with 'ungodly' sex

A Kentucky homeless shelter said that it has banned all women and children in an effort to stop them from having sex with male residents.

Emergency Christian Ministries Director Billy Woodward told WYMT that he had to put a stop to the "sex problem."

"They may want to meet or slip in a room occasionally, we can't have that," Woodward explained. "It seems like these last days it's getting worse ... the ungodly type."

"They say, 'We're homeless, maybe we can find somebody, a mate or something,'" he continued. "If they done it right, it would be fine. But, you know, they go overboard with it."

Emergency Christian Ministries forced up to a dozen women to leave, according to WYMT. It was not immediately clear if the women had been able to relocate because Emergency Christian Ministries is the only shelter for the homeless in Williamsburg.

A female-only KCEOC shelter in Gray, Kentucky was reportedly accepting women. However, that shelter is a 40 minute drive from Williamsburg.

Williamsburg Mayor Roddy Harrison lamented that kicking out homeless women was "not something the city feels should be done."

"I guess I'm a little old school, but the first people off the boat were the women and children," Harrison remarked.

Woodward insisted that the decision had been made based on teachings in the Bible, but he admitted that women were not completely to blame for the "sex problem."

"It takes two to do that," Woodward said. "We are not biased or prejudice whatsoever."

Watch the video below from WYMT, broadcast Dec. 9, 2015.

(h/t: Addicting Info)