Sarah Palin: Only vote for an atheist if the other candidate is Muslim and 'literally wants to kill' Americans
Sarah Palin speaks to CNN (screen grab)

Sarah Palin argued over the weekend that the only time an atheist would be acceptable for public office is if the other candidate was a Muslim who "literally wants to kill" Americans.

During an interview on CNN, host Michael Smerconish noted that Palin's latest Christian devotional book was very political.

"Real world stuff, yep," Palin agreed. "It's really important that people of faith, atheists, anybody who would be looking for answers today, the best place to go to look for answers that deal with personal problems and political problems that our world, certainly that our nation is facing, it's already spelled out for us -- the answers -- in the Old and the New Testaments."

"So, I just want to direct people to where they can look and find that answer, and then be at peace and be able to live life vibrantly without worrying so much about what's going on."

But when it came to selecting candidates, Palin asserted that it was better to vote for someone with no faith in God than someone who worshipped Allah.

"Oof, gosh," Palin stuttered at the idea of voting for an atheist. "If it all came down to that versus someone who believed in a religion that was hell-bent on destroying those who didn't agree with their religion, who would literally want to kill those, the infidels who would not say, 'Okay, I would go along with you,' then I would."

"Which means, anybody who is sympathetic to what's going on today with Muslims terrorists, who would crucify children and behead women and stop at nothing to try to destroy us and Israel and our allies, I'd choose an atheist over that!"

"Okay, you're voting for an atheist over an ISIS supporter," Smerconish noted.

"Okay, gosh, darn it," Palin replied. "You made it too simple."

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast Dec. 19, 2015.