Trevor Noah annihilates hated radical ‘a*shole’ Ted Cruz — and it’s beautiful
'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah on Dec. 3, 2015. [The Daily Beast]

Daily Show host Trevor Noah ripped Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Thursday, pointing out that he has a special kind of bipartisan "appeal."

"Maybe Ted Cruz is the leader that America needs. He's the first person in recent memory who's been able to unite people of both parties in their hatred of him," Noah said. "And maybe, just maybe for that reason, we might all grow to love him. But probably not."

Noah showed a montage of clips discussing how Cruz has managed to alienate himself from fellow legislators on both sides of the aisle, and compared him to the cartoon character Pepe LePew.

"Even when he thinks he's being charming, he's just being even more creepy," he said.

While Congress in general has chosen to display "pure, distilled inaction" regarding mass shootings around the country, the host said, Cruz is already organizing what he calls a Second Amendment rally for this weekend in Iowa.

"Fourteen people just lost their lives in a shooting," Noah said, alluding to Wednesday's attack in San Bernardino. "And Ted Cruz's first thought is, 'That reminds me -- gotta send out my invites to my gun party.' That seems like something you’d only do if you were an a*shole."

While Noah pilloried Cruz on camera, the show's Tumblr page is inviting viewers to post their own short videos based on the hours of awkward campaign ad outtakes the senator's campaign posted online using the tag #CruzYourOwnAdventure. Some viewer posts will then be shared on the Daily Show account.

Meanwhile, the show has already posted some of its own Cruz ad "remixes," including "Senator Dad," takes the Texas Tea Party favorite and places him into a family sitcom, complete with laugh track:

However, "Cruz Control" takes a decidedly more sinister tone:

Watch Noah's commentary, as posted by online on Thursday, below.