WATCH: Vermont public radio station uses Legos to explain how the Iowa caucuses work
Iowa caucuses explained with Lego toys (Screenshot/YouTube)

Vermont Public Radio has a handy way of illustrating how the much talked about Iowa caucuses work: They used Lego figurines.

The YouTube video posted by VPR explains that Democratic and Republican caucuses work differently. So they set about explaining the Democratic caucuses.

Iowans who are registered Democrats from the same area gather based on their caucus precinct, the video explains. They then group around the candidate they support. Campaigns send "precinct captains" who, in part, try and convince undecided voters to join their ranks.

Candidates with less than 15 percent of supporters are knocked out of contention as they are considered "not viable." The remaining candidates who get the most supporters have the best chance of winning Iowa as party members select who will be their party's presidential candidate in the general election.

According to VPR, the Republicans use a secret ballot.

Watch VPR's video, as posted to YouTube, here: