'You and your family will die': Christian Klansman terrorizes biracial Oregon family
Cross Burning (Wikimedia Commons)

A biracial family in Salem, Oregon has been targeted by an alleged member of the Ku Klux Klan who signs death threats with the Christian cross.

According to KPTV, the family has received multiple death threats in the form of notes left on their doorstep. Each note is signed "KKK" with a Christian cross symbol.

"You and your family will die by the hands of me," one note warns, adding "die slow" as a postscript.

Another note threatens to "kill your n****r loving husband if the cops are called again."

"Die. Die. I am always watching you," the alleged Klansman writes in a third message.

Salem police told KPTV that an investigation was ongoing, but they had no suspects at the time of publication.

Watch the video below from KPTV, broadcast Jan. 12, 2016.