Dad blames ‘girl drama’ after slur-screaming waffle waitress uses Confederate flag to attack teen
Hayleigh Blevins (Facebook)

A Waffle House waitress is being accused of shouting racial slurs and damaging a biracial high school classmate's car with a Confederate flag on a pole, but her school says they found no evidence of a hate crime.

Hayleigh Blevins, 18, of Mt. Washington, Kentucky, was arrested on criminal mischief and menacing charges, according to WDRB. According to her arrest warrant, she used racial slurs and was  "repeatedly hitting the victim's car with a pole attached to a Confederate flag," causing over $1,000-worth of damage.

Blevins got the flag from a truck belonging to Nicholas Chapman, also 18. The victim's mother says Blevins was calling her daughter the N-word.

The incident happened outside the teenagers' school, Bullitt East High School. The victim's mother, Tabitha Perkins, called it a hate crime, but the school disagreed.

"Based upon information we have gathered, and information provided by the Mt. Washington Police Department, there is no evidence of a 'hate crime,'" Eric Farris, Counsel to the Bullitt County Board of Education, said in a statement to WDRB. "There is evidence of some sort of relationship involving a male student and 2 female students that deteriorated into highly inappropriate and inflammatory language and, apparently, illegal conduct off school campus."

Blevins' stepfather told WDRB that the incident was "not about race, just teenage girl drama."

Blevins' Facebook page is emblazoned with the Confederate flag and the coiled snake image accompanied by the words, "Don't tread on me," which associated with the far right.

In one post, of a selfie with the Confederate flag Photoshopped over it, Blevin's friends discuss their support for the symbol of the racist South.

"These flags are raciest (sic) and are the flags of Nazi Nation, the KKK, & The Aryan Brotherhood," one of Blevin's friends wrote. "Both are very raciest and both are allowed to be flown freely, the confederate flag or Virginia Battle Flag has nothing to do with race but has to do with history and heritage but is being disgraced and disrespected and people are being forced to hide there heritage... To all who think the battle flag is about hate and race you need to do your research because it has absolutely nothing to do with race... To all of you with southern heritage do not listen to all these uneducated people and don't be ashamed of your history and heritage be proud of it instead and show it with pride."

The same person then added, "The confederacy gave any black willing to fight for the country ( the confederate states of America ) there freedom, money, & land."

Chapman is also charged with harassment for bumping into the victim and calling her names.

While police said the courts will determine whether a hate crime occurred, Perkins has no doubts and said she is, "Angry, upset, sad. Sad that we're still here. This is 2016."

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