‘I was pretty jacked up on marijuana’: This insane 1969 anti-drug propaganda video is unintentionally hysterical

In 1969, the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation wasn't just busy making planes to drop bombs on Vietnamese villagers; it was also making films about young women dropping acid and blowing their minds. Why the military-industrial complex mainstay was making anti-drug propaganda remains something of a mystery, but Lockheed's name is on the video below.

Lockheed grew up to become mega-defense contractor Lockheed Martin after gobbling up competitor Martin Marietta, but not before becoming the recipient of $250 million in corporate welfare—federally guaranteed loans to help it get out from under an earlier $400 million loan from a consortium of banks. Lockheed Martin is now the world's largest defense contractor, but if its 1969 LSD Case Study video is any indication, it should continue to concentrate on its main business, not drug education videos.

The video features a young woman who narrates the tale of her own acid trip. "I was pretty jacked up on marijuana," she explains. "So I decided to try it, and I dropped it."

Her first sense to become impaired was her sense of fashion: "I put on a pair of pink capris and a green and brown blouse," she confesses. "I thought the colors were beautiful."

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Okay, so far, so good. Psychedelic blob imagery notwithstanding, the video is still in the realm of the plausible, but then it gets downright bizarre—and unintentionally hilarious.

The young woman goes with a friend to a hot dog stand in San Francisco's Mission District and has a very strange encounter with a speaking hot dog. Sometimes it's really a hot dog, sometimes it's a bearded troll doll on a bun.

You'll have to watch the rest of this exercise in insanity for yourself, but the point Lockheed seems to have been making, inadvertently or not, is, don't take LSD or you might murder a hot dog.