'I'd kick him in the b*lls': New Hampshire voters rip Jeb in 'Full Frontal' short film
Jeb Bush is approached by a producer for 'Full Frontal' on Feb. 8, 2016. (YouTube)

Instead of delivering a monologue about Jeb Bush, Samantha Bee sent her "foreign exchange producer" into New Hampshire to get residents' opinions about the former Florida governor. The results were not charitable.

"I'd wanna kick [him] in the b*lls," one 22-year-old voter said, before the producer revealed that the man was supporting Donald Trump in the Republican presidential field.

The real estate mogul, the producer said, has become Bush's "black beast."

"While Jeb is holding a town hall with 100 people, Trump is nearby in the state, holding a massive rally," he observed.

Meanwhile, another young voter compared Bush to milk.

"Milk is just a normal thing that wouldn't be fantastic if you could choose any drink. But it's a solid drink to have," he explained.

The producer also noted Bush's tendency toward giving supporters a turtle pin bearing the inscription, "Slow and steady wins the race."

"Yes, perhaps it does," the producer said. "Or perhaps this turtle's helpless on its back in the mouth of a f*cking alligator."

Watch Full Frontal's take on Bush and the voters, as posted online, below.