Before dying, Nancy Reagan told Larry King she was 'very upset' about the 2016 campaign
Nancy Reagan speaks to Larry King during 2007 CNN interview (screen grab)

The 2016 Republican presidential race has been one of the most unusual in history, and according to legendary broadcaster Larry King, former First Lady Nancy Reagan had been "very upset" about it before she died over the weekend at the age of 94.

While remembering the former first lady in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Sunday, King described Nancy Regan as a close personal friend.

"I'll miss her," King said. "I love socializing with her, I love gossiping with her, I love talking with her."

"If there's one thing glad about this," he added. "She isn't around to see the end of this political year. Because she was very upset by it."

"This must be tough for you, Wolf. I feel for you."

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast March 6, 2016.