Cenk Uygur slams Maricopa County over voting debacle: 'The epicenter of incompetence in America'
Cenk Uygur blasts Maricopa County, Arizona Recorder Helen Purcell on March 24, 2016. (The Young Turks)

Young Turks host Cenk Uygur ripped election officials in Maricopa County for their apparent mishandling of Tuesday's presidential primary elections.

"Maricopa County [is] the epicenter of incompetence in America," he said. "You've got Sheriff Joe [Arpaio] there; you've now got Helen Purcell. And they're kinda proud of it."

While Arpaio is under federal investigation for targeting Mexican residents, Uygur said, Purcell was nonchalant after creating massive lines at the polls.

The voting process was hampered so much that Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton (D) has asked the Justice Department to investigate what happened.

Yet when asked to explain how 800,000 people could have been expected to vote at just 60 poll locations in the county, Purcell, a Republican, blamed "the voters for getting in line," before backtracking.

"That was amazing," Uygur said, before facepalming in disbelief. "When you're in charge of voting, you should be excited that they got in line. That's a great thing, not a bad thing. It's not a positive thing that they had to wait five hours in line ... Man, they will not accept responsibility under any circumstances."

Watch Uygur's commentary, as aired on Thursday, below.