Cruz and Trump aides battle on CNN over whether Trump campaign manager's attorney 'bit a stripper'
Katrina Pierson and Chad Sweet speak to CNN's Wolf Blitzer (screen grab)

Spokespersons for Donald Trump and Ted Cruz argued during a CNN interview on Tuesday over whether or not an attorney for Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, "bit a stripper."

After Lewandowski was charged on Tuesday with assaulting former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, Trump National Spokesperson Katrina Pierson explained to CNN that there were no plans to suspend the campaign manager -- even if he was found guilty.

"You've got your candidate at your rallies saying he will pay the legal bills of those who engage in physical violence," Cruz Campaign National Chairman Chad Sweet pointed out to Pierson. "It should be no surprise that we see this same culture reflected even at the campaign manager level."

"You can't make this stuff up," he continued. "Corey [Lewandowski] has selected for his defense counsel Kendall Coffey, who was a disgraced U.S. Attorney under Clinton that had to resign in 1996 because why? He bit a stripper."

Pierson immediately interrupted: "Scott Richardson is Corey Lewandowski's attorney!"

But CNN host Wolf Blitzer noted that a statement released by Lewandowski named both Scott Richardson and Kendall Coffey as his attorneys.

"It says a lot that you would choose a counsel in any role whatsoever that formerly bit a stripper and had to resign in disgrace," Sweet opined.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, UKendall Coffey resigned from his post as U.S. Attorney in 1996 after he "paid $900 for a bottle of champagne and bit the dancer on the arm during a dispute in the club."

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast March 29, 2016.