He is 'demeaning' his own wife: CNN's Kate Bolduan eviscerates Trump for wife comparison photos
CNN's Kate Boldoun speaks to Donald Trump spokesperson Stephen Miller (screen grab)

CNN anchor Kate Bolduan pointed out on Thursday that GOP front-runner Donald J. Trump was "demeaning" his own wife by retweeting photos that compared her looks to that of his opponent's wife, Heidi Cruz.

After a group supporting Cruz created an ad targeting Mormons with a 16-year-old photo of Melania Trump posing nude for GQ magazine, Trump fired back with a threat to "spill the beans" on Heidi Cruz.

The conflict escalated on Wednesday when Cruz warned Trump that Heidi was "out of his league." And on Thursday, Trump retweeted an unfavorable photo of Heidi Cruz, comparing it to a glamorous photo of his own wife.

Bolduan, who had sparred with Trump adviser Stephen Miller on Wednesday over the spat, seemed irritated on Thursday that the campaigns had not resolved the issue.

"Stephen, this all could have ended yesterday," the CNN anchor charged. "This could have ended with our conversation because the candidates could have ended it. But Donald Trump then sent out the retweet."

"This retweet coming from your guy has nothing to do with the super PACs, it has nothing to do with donors. This is Donald Trump continuing wanting to talk about this fight after both sides have had their say."

Bolduan added: "I do wonder why Donald Trump continues to want to talk about this. Because as I look at this retweet as a woman, it's demeaning to not only Ted Cruz's wife, it's demeaning to Melania Trump because she's got a lot more going for her than just her looks. And you don't see that in this retweet."

For his part, Miller argued that "the retweet speaks for itself."

"And I think that you and I are probably going to have to agree to disagree on this, which is fine," Miller opined.

"You endorse the retweet then?" Bolduan interrupted.

"Of course, I do," Miller laughed. "That's what's great about America, we're not going to agree on everything 100 percent of the time."

"Yes, you and I are not going to agree on endorsing something that is demeaning to women, including Donald Trump's wife," Bolduan shot back.

"Women want safe communities," Miller insisted.

"Women also want to be taken for more than what they look like," the CNN host said. "How about this? Tell your boss to stop perpetuating this conversation, and you and I can talk about important things, like maybe how he would handle the threat of terrorism in the face of the Belgium attacks."

"But he continues to just want to retweet this kind of a feud with Ted Cruz so we're talking about that."

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast March 24, 2016.