John Kasich wins Republican primary in Ohio
Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) takes part in a GOP presidential candidate debate on March 3, 2016. (Fox News)

John Kasich has won the Republican Party primary in his home state of Ohio, according to projections Tuesday night from CNN, CBS News, NBC News, and others — a major result that will complicate the further fight for delegates on the GOP side.

With 19 percent of precincts reporting, Kasich has 43 percent, Donald Trump 34 percent, and Ted Cruz 15 percent.

Ohio is a winner-take-all state for Republicans, giving Kasich all 66 delegates — and his first actual victory in the primary race.

With Kasich taking 66 delegates — plus the departure from the race by Marco Rubio, after Trump's victory in Florida — he now stands to pick up moderate and establishment-oriented Republican support against both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

This new three-way dynamic in the race has two possibilities: a) blocking Donald Trump from winning the majority of delegates needed for nomination; or b) a continued split in the anti-Trump vote, which might on occasion help The Donald in future winner-take-all contests.