Kentucky cops expand probe into neo-Nazi attacks at Trump rally: 'Klan rallies are not as scary as this'
Molly Shah filed a complaint against Trump supporter Matthew Heimbach (Courier-Journal/screen grab)

Police in Louisville, Kentucky confirmed this week that an they were investigating the identity of alleged white supremacists who were seen on video punching and kicking protesters at a campaign event for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Tuesday.

Louisville Metro Police Spokesman Dwight Mitchell told The Associated Press that complaints had been filed by two protesters who claimed that they were punched and shoved by Trump supporters. Mitchell said that investigators were examining videos of a black woman being shoved while protesters called her "scum."

On Wednesday, a third protester, Molly Shah of Parents for Social Justice, filed a complaint against Matthew Heimbach, who heads the white supremacist Traditional Youth Network. She said that Heimbach and other neo-Nazi Trump supporters began "punching and kicking" her as soon as she held up a "Black Lives Matter" banner.

"Everyone was afraid," Shah told the Courier-Journal. "I was expecting some pushback from Trump supporters, I was not anticipating neo-Nazis."

"I've protested at Klan rallies and none were as scary as this," she added.

For his part, Heimbach claimed that protesters started the altercation when a black woman shoved an older white man. He has called Trump's campaign a "tourniquet" to protect whites against the country's changing demographics.

Watch video of Molly Shah below.