Morgan Freeman on legalizing pot: They can't call it dangerous when it's safer than alcohol
Morgan Freeman speaks to Larry King on 'Larry King Now' (Ora.TV)

Morgan Freeman and Larry King commiserated over the prospect of legalizing marijuana during an interview on Larry King Now earlier this week.

"You think it's gonna be legal everywhere?" King asked. When Freeman replied, "Yeah," King added "it ought to be."

"It has to be," Freeman said in agreement. "They can't continue to say that it's a dangerous drug when it's safer than alcohol."

Freeman did concede that he is not a "connoisseur" of the drug.

"I don't know what strains are," he explained. "If you have some good smoke and you [offer it], then, yeah."

He also criticized both the federal government and Monsanto for fueling what he called a "frightening loss of bee colonies," comparing it to the allusion of putting canaries in coal mines.

"That proliferates around the planet," Freeman explained. "When the canary dies, you're in trouble. We've got thousands and thousands of species around us that are disappearing because of what we're doing."

Watch King's interview with Freeman, as aired on Ora.TV, below.