Prosecutor 'on board' with Trump-style profiling: 'Look for a young black guy' in gang shootings
Washington County Deputy District Attorney Zoe Smith (Facebook)

An Oregon prosecutor has come under fire for a Facebook post saying she was "on board" with Donald Trump's policies supporting racial profiling.

The Portland Tribune reported that a screen shot of a post written by Washington County Deputy District Attorney Zoe Smith had been shared recently by defense lawyers on Facebook.

“If you’re looking for a terrorist, look at a young Muslim male," Smith wrote. "If you’re looking for a gang shooter, look for a young black guy. If you’re looking for a child molester or a mass shooter, look for a white guy. That’s just common sense.”

In a letter to Washington County District Attorney Robert Hermann on Sunday, Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association President Edward Kroll expressed concerned over Smith's views that racial profiling was "just common sense."

“Given Washington County's diversity and future growth potential, I trust this is not a message that your office would support," Kroll said.

Hermann acknowledged that Smith had made the Facebook postings on her own time, but said that his office was reviewing the matter.

In a follow up post, Smith said that her support of Trump was not meant to be taken "literally."

“I want everyone to know that the comment was intended to further an ongoing political discussion and to make a point. It was not meant to be taken literally or as a comment on what I do for a living,” she insisted. “For those who know me, you know that I am open-minded and a pragmatist. I usually want to cut to the chase and find a solution. My point was first and foremost that we are all in this together."

"Every group of people has their stars and those they'd rather disclaim. My point was only, lets acknowledge that and then move on. We don't have to believe every stereo-type but sometimes they can help frame the issue."

"To ignore race, or education, or background is un-productive. Acknowledge it and move on to a solution that works for us all," she added. "I hope this helps give some context to my point. I have always tried very hard to give everyone I interact with a fair shake. This was purely an intellectual discussion, not a play-book for law enforcement."