Trans man exposes the absurdity of North Carolina Republicans with a simple message to Gov. Pat McCrory
JP Sheffield (Twitter)

North Carolinians responded angrily on Twitter to Republican-led legislation signed into law on Wednesday effectively barring protections that allow trans people from using restrooms that correspond to their gender identity.

The bill was a response to an ordinance by the city of Charlotte that put protections in place to let trans people use restrooms that fit their gender to avoid being bullied and placed in danger. In response, North Carolina Republicans made a law that blocks cities from passing LGBT protections, signed by Gov. Pat McCrory.

"Ordinance defied common sense, allowing men to use women’s bathroom/locker room for instance. That’s why I signed bipartisan bill to stop it," McCrory tweeted.

Though McCroy tried to characterize the legislation as bipartisan, WTVD confirmed that it was not only voted for exclusively by Republicans, state Democrats were so outraged they walked out on the legislature during the vote in an unprecedented protest.

North Carolinians reacted angrily on Twitter, using the hashtag #WeAreNotThis. One trans man illustrated the pit falls of the law by tweeting a picture of himself and saying the law now forces him to use a women's restroom.

Outraged residents weighed in as well, accusing the state legislature of embarrassing them and taking them backwards.