Unhinged nutters go ballistic on Megyn Kelly on Twitter for asking about Trump University
Megyn Kelly asks Donald Trump a question during a GOP debate on March 3, 2016. (YouTube)

While Donald Trump himself was civil toward Fox's Megyn Kelly on Thursday -- even in the face of a tough question regarding the Trump University online education company -- his supporters were not as kind.

The Republican front-runner's backers anger stemmed from this exchange between Trump and the Kelly File host, when she

"said that the plaintiffs against you are like the [Bernie] Madoff victims. They found that 'victims of con artists often sing praises of their victimizers until the moment moment they realize they've been fleeced."

"Let's see what happens in court," Trump replied, calling the class-action suit against him "very easy to have settled."

Trump did not lash out against Kelly, but as seen below, his backers on Twitter did not show the same kind of tact.