Utah MMA fighter charged with using rolling pin to beat woman in front of her children
Aaron Garcia (Facebook)

Police in Payson, Utah arrested a man involved with mixed martial arts (MMA) over the weekend for allegedly beating a woman with a rolling pin while her children were watching.

According to the Daily Herald, 911 dispatchers received a call on Saturday with a woman screaming in the background. Police were dispatched to the residence after the call was abruptly disconnected.

Officers reportedly found 36-year-old Aaron Garcia, who said that he had been drinking and that he had hit the woman out of frustration, but he could not remember how many times.

The police report stated that officers observed a bleeding gash in the victim's forehead and bruising around her eye. The woman said that Garcia had hit her in the head with a rolling pin.

Officers recovered a bloody wooden rolling pin with broken handles from the scene, the report said.

Garcia was charged with suspicion of "one third-degree felony charge of aggravated assault and four third-degree felony charges of domestic violence in the presence of a child," the Daily Herald reported.

The paper noted that Garcia had not fought competitively since June 2011. He also co-owned Team Unbreakable MMA Training gym in Salem.