WATCH: Fox's Shepard Smith unleashes his classic snark over canceled GOP debate
Fox News (Screengrab)

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith delivered the most awesome snark to the news that the upcoming debate has been canceled, in the wake of Donald Trump's cancellation.

"Today, Donald Trump said he will not take part in the Fox News debate scheduled for Monday by the Republican National Committee. After that, John Kasich said if Trump's not coming, he's not, either. That leaves just Ted Cruz — one person. And since debates requires persons, not person, the debate is canceled.

"Lots of overtime pay down the drain, for a lot of fantastic Fox News techies. I hope those candidates can sleep at night — hope they can."

As a more straightforward piece of analysis, Fox reporter John Roberts explained that with Trump's declaration in the wake of Tuesday's major primary victories that he's tired of doing these debates, "it's likely the next time we'll see a Republican in a debate, is during the general election campaign."