Fox host and ex-VJ Kennedy accuses Bill Clinton of 'culturally appropriating' MTV

Bill Clinton might've been known as "The MTV President", for his active outreach to youth and pop culture via his appearances on the cable channel back in its heyday — but somebody isn't happy to hear him name-drop it now.

At a campaign stop Tuesday in Long Island, on Hillary's behalf, Bill said: "I like our primary a lot better than theirs. We never had a spectacle like they did. Remember that debate they had before Florida, where three of them were up there, calling each other 'liar' over everybody else's voice? It sounded like a — a rap tune on MTV, you know?"

And so Fox Business host Neil Cavuto brought somebody on to respond: His fellow Fox Business host Kennedy, formerly a "veejay" on MTV back in the 1990s. (Full name Lisa Kennedy Montgomery.)

"Were you offended?" Neil Cavuto asked.

"I was so deeply offended," the mononymous TV personality answered, with melodramatic delivery. "I feel like he took MTV, and culturally appropriated it for his own cause — which was incredibly selfish."

"What we're not talking about here, the important thing is," Kennedy further explained: "MTV doesn't play music anymore. MTV hasn't played rap videos in probably 12 years."

"Are you kidding me?" Neil asked.

"Well, I mean — essentially no," Kennedy replied.

"I stopped watching when you left," he said.

"Thank you."

He concluded: "Why bother, you know?"

As the conversation proceeded, Kennedy got in her own insult against the former president: "And by the way, when did Bill Clinton turn into Billy Bob Thornton from Sling Blade?"