Fox uses stuffed armadillo to persuade viewers 'there's nothing to worry about with global warming'
Steve Doocy and Marc Morano examine a stuffed armadillo (Fox News)

Fox News on Sunday invited self-styled climate expert Marc Morano to explain how a stuffed armadillo could prove that climate change was a hoax.

"This is significant," Morano said after revealing a stuffed armadillo in a cage. "The armadillo was the only animal that was used a mascot for global cooling in the 1970s... It's not a mascot for global warming. They're claiming the armadillo is migrating north to get out of the heat."

"With global warming, they have a learning curve," he insisted. "They're trying to go much further in the future when the people making the predictions will be dead."

According to Fox News host Steve Doocy, climate activists like Prince Charles sounded "like Jack Bauer, we're running out of time."

"As it turns out, we didn't run out of time," he quipped.

"There's nothing to worry about with global warming," Morano agreed. "So say the top scientists around the world."

Watch the video below from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast April 24, 2016.