Jehovah’s Witnesses try to debunk evolution in their latest video — but come up short again
Jehovah’s Witnesses try to debunk evolution (Photo: Screen capture)

The latest video posted by Jehovah’s Witnesses Broadcasting's Watchtower Society outlines how evolution, the scientific theory that many consider the foundation of biology, is big hoax.

According to, two Jehovah’s Witnesses scientists, Russian zoologist Yaroslav Dovhanych and Professor Raj Kalaria, a brain researcher at England’s Newcastle University, explain biology using the philosophical argument made famous by St. Thomas Aquinas and required reading for every Intro to Philosophy student in college.

“Can anyone say that some computer programs appeared simply by chance?" Dovhanych asks rhetorically. "In contrast, evolutionists would like us to believe that DNA was formed by evolution. To illustrate, say you take some letter blocks, pour them onto the table, and the Encyclopaedia Britannica is formed. There is an even smaller probability that DNA originated by evolution.”

He conveniently neglects the science of chemistry which would help him understand why chemicals and letter blocks aren't the same.

Jehova's Witnesses debunker Lloyd Evans responded to the video in a blog post on his website explaining, "...natural selection is far from a random process." Unfortunately, for him, that doesn't stop anti-science theologians from attempting to fit a complicated concept into 140 characters or less. Evans continues, "When successive generations of an organism are shaped by their surroundings, and an environment selects which attributes are best suited to reproduction and survival, what we have is cause and effect. Evolution is a guided process, even if natural forces rather than a supreme celestial supervisor are doing the guiding."

It's difficult for anti-science people to understand that the Earth is not a closed system. While we have an atmosphere and an ozone and many layers that make it seem like we're in a bubble, we're not. The Earth is subject to outside forces like asteroids and sunlight, both of wich impact our planet unlike a fly in an airless jar.

Kalaria, by contrast, argues that in his biology classes no other options are given other than the theory of evolution. “At the time, there were no other options, as it were. God did not come in the picture at all, or God creating the heavens and the earth, as it were, never came in the picture.”

He continues pitching the religious theory often referred to as "Intelligent Design," but like many, he comes up short. He can't rationalize complex systems like brains functioning, an odd fact for a brain researcher. The fact that he's complaining about his education as a justification for believing in so-called "Intelligent Design" seems akin to the rational of blaming God for being fat because you're in love with chocolate pie. As much as many would love to believe it, science simply doesn't work that way. Facts don't cease to exist simply because one researcher didn't learn enough or doesn't like his options.