Jon Stewart is producing a documentary about Syrian refugees -- watch the trailer here
Daily Show' host Jon Stewart on CNN on Nov. 4, 2014 [CNN]

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart latest film-related project is slated to premiere Thursday at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, the Associated Press reported.

After stepping behind the camera to direct Rosewater in 2014, Stewart served as executive producer for After Spring, a documentary by Steph Ching and Ellen Martinez that follows a pair of Syrian refugee families who took refuge at a camp in Jordan.

"The easiest thing to do in these instances is focus on the extremities of a situation and the toughest thing to do is show patience," Stewart said. "Like most situations of urgency, it exposes the flaws and crevasses within the system, but also the strength and foundation of Team Civilization. We're all on Team Civilization and they are the casualties of that battle."

While praising Ching and Martinez's work, Stewart said he does not miss covering the current election season. He drew attention last week after he was seen rescuing a runaway bull in New York City, and is working on opening a farm animal sanctuary in New Jersey with his wife Tracey.

"Once you're driving a 1,000 pound bull down Ninth Avenue, you go, 'Wait, what? How did I get here?'" Stewart recalled.

The documentary's trailer, as posted online, can be seen here.