Lizz Winstead compares Cruz vs Trump to 'picking which package of expired meat is safe enough to eat'
'Daily Show' co-creator Lizz Winstead discusses the Republican presidential nomination race on April 6, 2016. (YouTube)

Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead was hard-pressed to figure out whether Donald Trump or Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) would be better for Republican Party voters.

"If you had to choose, it's sort of like picking which package of expired meat in your fridge is gonna be safe enough to eat," she told RT America host Ed Schultz. "Either one is a disaster."

Trump, she said, was unable to say anything with precision except racist or sexist remarks.

"When he tries to talk about policy, it's just word salad so I find that terrifying," she explained. "And Ted Cruz is harder to follow than Game of Thrones."

What the candidates have in common, she told Schultz, would be the likelihood to impose "draconian" conditions against women.

"We would look at The Handmaid's Tale like Mad magazine," Winstead said.

Watch the interview, as aired on Wednesday, below.