‘Morning Joe’ admits complaints about Clinton’s voice are ‘gender thing’ — but keep doing it, anyway
MJ panel (Screen capture)

Each year women "celebrate" Equal Pay Day in hopes one day women will actually make equal to what a man does or policymakers will care enough to mandate equality. Today, MSNBC's Morning Joe sought to celebrate by critiquing Hillary Clinton's voice which they all agreed was an attack on her gender, but they continued doing so anyway.

Several weeks ago, commentators attacked Clinton for "shouting" too much at a time every other male candidate was doing the same. After playing clips of Clinton talking about guns in a more subdued tone commentator Nicolle Wallace explained that when Clinton makes her arguments in a "more serious tone, it's deadly."

"Well, it's the power of really good delivery," co-host Mika Brzezinski followed. She continued that she learned on speaking tours she can speak softly and hold the microphone closer to her mouth and be "far more effective."

Wallace agreed but acknowledged it was a "gender thing" as well. But instead of stopping there and calling out the sexism associated with attacks on Clinton's speaking style, the panel just kept going. "I mean a man, Bernie Sanders barely has a voice and he screeches and there's never any comment. You know, like I think he sounds like he's about to lose it. But we never talk about it. She, you notice how she's delivering. And just as a woman."

Brzezinski interjected that Clinton has made significant changes in her speaking style. "Yes. And she's sort of trying out different, I think, approaches. This is really good. I mean this is really effective," Wallace said.

Brzezinski countered that neither Sanders nor Trump has "needed to" make any adjustments, alluding that Clinton has.

Harold Ford, Jr. brought the sexism home with the ultimate in non-compliment compliments, "The tone, the voice level, I would agree with everything combined with the power of the message.

Check out the full video below: